Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A story from the past........

Royal Leamington Spa Courier 21 July 1849 - Red Rain

Early on Saturday morning, the 30th ult., a shower of rain as red as blood fell near the village of Bonvilston, and extended from thence in a westerly direction over Llantrithyd, Flemingston &c, towards Llantwit-Major. It was so manifest that it impregnated the clods of earth, many of which were like ruddle. Several country people who witnessed it were dreadfully alarmed, imagining it to be some omen of coming misfortune, and very many who did not see it fall came in the course of the day to see the discoloured soil. A very severe blight took place the same morning, which has left its marks on the potatoes, beans, and fruit trees, and hung over the country till past middle day.

Thanks to the British Newspaper Archive 

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